Tacolicious time at Boho Eatery

Amazing veggie tacos at Boho Eatery

Boho Eatery located in Ndovu Road, Langata  was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise.

Nestled between an art gallery and the workshop of a jewellery and clothing designer, this unassuming cafe is indeed blessed with a bohemian feel. We sat in the sunny garden which was filled with flowers and myriad birds. I ordered a ginger and lime juice which at 300 KSH was singularly unimpressive, but the food excelled. Pictured are the black bean tacos. I LOVE mexican and eat it whenever I can and these were the best tacos Ive ever had; from the flavour filled beans, to the crunchy little sunflower seeds and bursts of pickled cabbage. LUSH. The lime and ginger juice were forgiven and forgotten. Hubby had a pulled pork burger with massive portion of crunchy fries… equally good. Boho Eatery isn’t inexpensive for a lunch but the setting and the food were sublime.


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