Forries – THE Southern Suburbs pub

forries playground

For a Brit in Cape Town Forries is as close to a good old English boozer as you can get… but loved by Capetonians and Brits both.  I understand there is some snobbish rivalry over whether Peddlars in Constantia or Foresters scoops the English boozer title but I can tell you being English and having spent a significant portion of my life in the pub, that Forries wins.

It’s a cavernous space along Newlands Avenue sheltered by oak trees. The inside suitably dark and gloomy and smelling of woodsmoke even in the summer seems to permanently play sport (see what I mean, it has all the makings of an English pub).  It has been renovated and you now have a rather cool glass wall behind the bar showing where they brew the beer. have to admit that for me this isn’t the attraction though my husband bloody loves it.  For me it’s about the garden.  It’s huge, divided into a grown ups bit and a separate kiddies part. The playground has just been upgraded and there’s a huge sandpit, fabulous jungle gym and various swings and slides.  The garden is pretty self contained and not a huge risk of kids wandering off… and if they do its only into the adult garden and not into a car park or anything. Best of all there are tables right in the kids garden rather than miles away, so for people with young kids you can sit and drink and watch them, rather than one of you having to sit on your own whilst the other one tends the children miles away.  It shames me to admit that I’ve sat here and definitely had more than a couple of glasses of wine whilst the kids play… and my kids are such hard work that it’s a rare thing that I can relax enough to say that.   The kids meals are huge.  We generally order Fish n Chips ad they are easily adult portioned, we usually order two portions for the three of them.   So for me Forries is all about being able to drink wine whilst keeping a close eye on the kids in a relaxed environment.. but I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about what most other people enjoy.

A wide and varied drinks list; 11 on tap draught beers,  cocktails and shooters, a specialist whiskey bar and if you are up for it the Kings table, a table with a tap and a 50L keg of beer of your choice.  Big menu with standard pub fayre from Burgers and Pizzas to salads and a tapas style range of picada starters. They’re even in on the Banting groove with Cauliflower and Parmesan based pizzas and a few carb free mains.

What else can I say, it’s a little bit of down and dirty London pub n grub in leafy Newlands. Luvverly.

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