Kiddie friendly places to eat in the Southern Suburbs

I’m always seeing posts on the mums facebook page that I haunt about where to eat in the Southern Suburbs.  In all honesty there aren’t loads but I definitely know them all, so I thought I’d post them here.

Open Door – the new kid on the block. Based in the Uitsig Wine Estate in Constantia Hills, the old school house / former Uitsig wine tasting building has been converted to a shiny new posh restaurant that’s not made for kids at all! However, don’t walk away now, as outside they have added a kids playground and it’s a really cool wooden affair with climbing area, bikes, a jeep and some surf boards.  Despite the whole ‘posh restaurant’ vibe, they are happy for you to come here and just have a glass of wine, look at the spectacular mountain backdrop and let the kids play.  We’ve also come for breakfast a few times and Open Door are making an effort to include the local community with the community hour menu which offers a less fancy menu from 4 – 6 every day. A kid friendly place that’s equally enjoyable for the parents.

Forries – Ive blogged about Forries before so Ill keep it short.  Off Newlands Avenue this traditional ‘pub’ has a whole back area devoted to families with a big kiddie playground. It is completely apart from the rest of the pub you dont have to feel guilty about your little darlings throwing a fit when they can’t get a turn on the swing.  Kids food and drinks are available, and they sell fun packs wth stickers, crayons and coloring pads. They have recently introduced kids only toilets so you dont have to walk into the pub with them when they need the loo.   Food and drink for grown ups is yummy, though personally I struggle to find a wine I love on the wine list, but maybe that’s just me.

False Bay Rugby Club – very informal, with it being a rugby club and all. Based in the Constantia Sports complex opposite Constantia Village, there is a kids playground, a sandpit and on most days a jumping castle. If there is no rugby on there is also a bloody great field that the Dads can go and kick a ball around with their kids (usually after beer no. 3) or the kids can just run around on their own. Nice wine and beer, big range of casual food; think burgers, pizzas and small eats like chilli poppers and breaded mushrooms. It’s reasonably priced and another place that you can genuinely relax with your kids and not worry about death stares from other patrons

Dunes – ok so being in Hout Bay this isn’t exactly Southern Suburbs, but its only 15 minutes out and such an institution in our family that i couldn’t not add it it.  Situated right on Hout Bay beach front, pretty much perched on top of a sand dune with views all across the bay, it’s one of the very few beach front places to eat and drink in Cape Town which for our frequent visitors from abroad makes it an absolute must.  I’ve done extensive research into the deliciousness of margarita cocktails across the globe and I can confirm that the Dunes Black Margarita is up there with the best, two of those bad boys and life all becomes a bit hazy and mellow.. I digress, the playground is part of the beach, so its really a giant sandpit with jungle gym, swings, slides etc and a boat to play on… we bring buckets and spades and just let the kids dig around in the sand. The kiddie section can get quite busy on weekends so best to book a table in advance… food is reasonable and they have a kids menu. Pizzas are yummy and my father in law never goes without ordering a basket of chips which he says are the best.

Little Stream – situated next to Klein Constantia, we don’t go here loads, probably because the more refined/genteel setting doesn’t blend so well with my three whirling dervishes, and Im not entirely sure they serve wine (they could do Ive only ever been for tea).  There used to be a kids playground near the restaurant but now its gone, however, the reason for the inclusion is that take a short walk down he hill and there is a kiddie paradise, No jungle gyms, just good old ‘get back to nature’ fun; with towering bamboo forests to play in, a stream to paddle in, grass to run around on and a few rope swings and nets to launch yourself off.  Plus if your kids are old enough that you can send the down the hill on their own and just pretend you are there alone, sipping your tea in elegant silence.  Very tranquil setting.

Massimos – another one thats in Hout Bay. It used to be our favorite but the owners got a bit snotty when the twins were crying babies  so we boycotted it for, oh about 3 years, however, we recently went back and loved it.  Its a traditional italian pizzeria, i reckon the best pizzas in Cape Town and some lovely wines. They now have a jungle gym out the front and a massive playground out the back… we went, we ate, we drank and we hardly saw the kids… and I’ll say again, the pizza is amazing.

Cafe Roux – we used to live in Noordhoek where Cafe Roux is located and to anyone this side of the mountain a trip to Noordhoek is the equivalent of driving to Swellendam, except its not… 15 minutes is all it takes from our house in Constantia to get to the tranquil horsey haven that is Noordhoek… can I start raving about the 8 km white sand beach all over again… Cafe Roux is in the Noordhoek Farm Village which houses the amazing Foodbarn Restaurant for some fine dining, the more relaxed Foodbarn Deli (good option if you want to avoid kids), a sushi place, pub (The Toad), lots of eclectic shops, and the best ice cream in the world in Kristens Kick Ass Ice Cream.  For mums and dads its all about Cafe Roux though….  The Farm Village has a large astroturfed playground with lots of jungle gyms a tractor, and a play house and Cafe Roux is right next to it, so you can eat breakfast or lunch and keep a beady eye on even tiny tots.  Food is lush, Im in love with the Earls All Day Breakfast and rarely order anything else. Definitely worth a trip over the mountain.

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