Where to live in Nairobi?

Here is a great post which I’ve reblogged. It describes where to live in Nairobi and Ive added it because it looks in detail at areas that I don’t know a lot about.. stuck in my Karen bubble as I am.

New to Nairobi

New to Nairobi-3

Before moving to a new city a lot of expats consider where to live? I always believe this should be broken down into three categories of consideration:

  1. Do you want to be close to your work/child’s school?
  2. Do you want to be close to amenities (shops, bakeries, malls, cinemas)?
  3. Do you want be close to your hobby? Sport activity? Green space?

Nairobi is not known for its sidewalks or its particularly beautiful commutes by foot so unless you are living on one side of Karura Forest and working on the other, you’ll probably be commuting by Uber/Little Cab/Taxify (taxi app services), your own car/car sharing or Matatu (community minivans that are super cheap but not 100% safe, careful of your belongings and tricksters swaying your attention from your purse) and Boda-Boda (motorbikes – found at every corner…use at your own caution). Traffic is notorious in Nairobi for being slow and…

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