Tokyo Japanese Restaurant – Lavington

Occasionally I am filled with a desire to see what is beyond the cossetted confines of Karen and venture further afield. In this case filled with a desire for Sushi and having read a number of positive reviews we headed to Tokyo Japanese Restaurant in Lavington.

I’m not a fan of bad reviews, I can’t help but think about the poor owners with their time and money invested, and the chefs that that try their best but fail, or the fact that the restaurant may just be having an off day.. and feel terribly guilty about writing anything bad at all… which is great because this isn’t a bad review… much

Formerly situated in Karen, Tokyo moved to a new location in Lavington. Now sandwiched between a couple of tall buildings it’s a city garden that must be pretty uninspiring in the day, but at night time was wonderfully atmospheric. Fairy lights clamber up tall trees and over bushes, dark little tables lit with candles create an ambient slice of calm in the busy city. Inside looked pretty cool with authentic style rooms and seating, though we couldn’t see anyone in there. In fairness that’s all that I can say about décor because it was very, very dark outside.  This was fine and quite romantic, but I hope it also explains why there are no pictures of the food. It was so dark I simply couldn’t take any. The service was good, Chef Shin came to visit us and check we were ok which is a great touch. Then the food came…

We ordered a range of sushi and it was ‘fine’, yep Just Fine. I was expecting great things from Tokyo as they have received many positive reviews on their Facebook page and if you dig a little the chef and restaurant were the subject of a glowing newspaper article. However, when it came to the food, great things weren’t the order of the day. The sushi was very warm and slightly flaccid; raw fish and flaccid are two words that should never appear in the same sentence. It was horribly expensive for what we were given; about 30 pieces of sushi between us and we only drank sparkling water, yet the bill was over 7000. For me 70 dollars is too much for warm unexceptional sushi in a dark garden with no booze. We left worrying if you were going to be ill (we weren’t) and feeling slightly cheated.

In conclusion I’m not going to say don’t go. I’m only going to point out that both Haru and the Talisman do better sushi, at a similar price and you don’t have to drive an hour in traffic to get there, but like I said… maybe they were having an off day.

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