Banda Mukoma 4K

4k it ain’t far but its better than sitting in bed eating a bag of chips! This is an easy and flat circuit, perfect for beginners.. Out of Banda front entrance run along to Mukoma road, one big up and down hill m turn first right and back down Banda lane.  The reason to do it this way is because there is an ever so slight incline going up Banda lane, slight but if you are are unfit as I was when I started you feel every inch of it.  Running this route clockwise sees you going downhill. Mukoma feels really rural even though you are running past houses and I often bump into (not literally) warthogs which is just ace, isn’t it!
Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.27.09 AM.png


Distance: 4K

Terrain: tarmac, flat, some cars along Banda Lane but there is a pavement.

Safety: 4/5 a few cars.. and warthogs!

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