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Ololua Ridge 5K

Now this is an area worth an explore. Cross over the river from Mbagathi Ridge and you are transported to an area that feels more akin to the English countryside. Meadows, farms, cow, horses, monkeys, sleepy lanes, endless views of the Ngong Hills… you feel like you want to bring a picnic and fall asleep in a field of daisies more than take a run.

But we are here to run, right?  Park at Purdys, turn right out the entrance and start off down a big hill, keep going until you hit a dirt track, follow it until its end (about half a km) it’s a path that runs over the river and through the back of houses.  Once you reach the end you emerge into another world. Turn right and you head back towards town but turn left and you head towards fields/ Forest Line Road and the Ngong hills.   For this first run (just a 5K) I simply headed left and ran for a couple of scenic kilometers before heading back, but hubby who has been mountain biking here, says there are trails and paths that stretch for miles.

ololua ridge run nairobi karen jogging runningWhen I stop staggering bout like a drunk on a night out during my runs and start to build some distance I’ll share with you, but until then I wanted to encourage anyone that like to run to try this great area.

Distance: 5km

Terrain: steep hills on the first/ last km then flat country roads

Safety: 3/5 the roads are empty in Ololua but the path from Mbagathi Ridge to the other side is pretty dark.

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