Remembering Cape Town – how to save water

I’m sitting here next to my  swimming pool full of fresh lovely water and thinking about Cape Town. For those who don’t know, Cape Town is days away from running out of water. 2 years ago when I was living in Cape Town I had a similar large pool, full of water, now that pool will be green and half empty, unable to be refilled.

Within the space of two years Capetonians have gone from being able to fill their pools and water their gardens to being unable to flush toilets or take a shower.

In a month or two every citizen will need to walk the a collection point to collect 25 liters of water, their daily allowance. To put it into context, flushing the toilet just once uses nearly that.

So as I look at my pool I wonder how many strides towards water conservation are we making in Kenya. I see water waste everywhere, every day and not a thing being done about it. It’s all too easy to turn a blind eye, to feel sorry for Cape Town but to adopt its them not us attitude, however, now is the time to take action.

Can anyone tell me what we can do in Nairobi and Kenya to seize the day and stop us eventually running dry like Cape Town? I see efforts to preserve the rivers but very little in the manner of education around water or solutions for water conservation.

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