7k & 8K from Banda

A 7K and a 8K near Banda

Why run near Banda?  Well my kids go to school there so that’s always going to sway favor but in fact I like running near Banda because there are roads with less traffic, some short trails and some decent hills…

7k from Mukoma Road

running run banda nairobi kenya race

This one actually starts from Mukoma Road which means that if you started from Banda school you could easily make it a 9K. From Mukoma, head away from the school towards Hardy and make a left down Kikenni, the road goes down and down and down and eventually turns into a dirt track where up it starts to go up and up and up… past the Giraffe centre and eventually you arrive at Hardy shops.  It’s a wonderful hill if you like those kind of things which after 6 years of running on Table Mountain I do. Hardy shops back to where you started from is all slightly downhill, nice an and easy back to the car.

Distance: 7K

Terrain: tarmac, steep hills, short trail/track

Safety: 4/5 a few cars.. and Giraffes !

8k from Banda school

This 8k leaves from The Banda School front gate; head along Magadi Road until you see a dirt road on Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 10.16.24 AMthe right, this will take you on a gravel track up which is Kisembe Road, at the end turn left and you are on Mukoma, turn right and keep on it until you go through a gate and start on a dirt track which dips steeply down and then back up. You will find yourself near the Giraffe Centre and as above do the climb to the Hardy shops and this time make a left at Banda Lane and head back to school.   Not as steep as hill as the above route but the climb from the Giraffe centre is decent.

Distance: 4K

Terrain: tarmac, pavement, short trail & hills in the middle section

Safety: 4/5 a few cars but pavement on all roads

8K Banda

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